Schools use Talent Search to guide leaners

Although the Talent Search is scheduled for 6 March 2017, registrations to date show that many schools are intending to use the results to give grade nine learners guidance in subject choices. 

Trustee, Peter Waker, commented on the trend. “In the past, schools used the Talent Search mostly to give grade 12 learners career advice. However, this trend has changed, last year almost 40% of those who entered Talent Search were in grade 9. Why is this? Talent Search identifies learners who think ‘computationally’. This means they are likely to shine not only in computer subjects like IT and CAT, but also in Mathematics and Science.

We welcome the trend, as providing learners with career guidance and help with subject choices as early as grade nine makes sense. Taking the wrong subjects in grade ten can exclude the learner from many further study courses and careers in Science, Technology and Engineering.”

States Waker: “If a learner does better than most other learners in the grade, he/she should consider taking IT, or CAT and Mathematics and other courses that will open the road to further study and a career in ICT.”