How much does it cost?
May primary school students participate?
Options for home-schoolers
Do we need a computer?
Who may participate?
What about certificates?
Can someone win two certificates?
May the school send papers to the Computer Olympiad office to be marked?
Are there any extra certificates available?
When in the given week must we write the paper?
What is the duration of the Talent Search paper?
What happens if the school participates in the pen-and-paper version and does not receive the papers in time?
Must we photocopy the papers ourselves?
Do you have past question papers available?
May we enter the Programming or Applications Olympiad without taking part in the Talent Search?
Who sets the questions?
May I bring a calculator into the exam room?
May we do only the Talent Search and skip the other Olympiads?
Do scores in the Talent Search affect the Applications Olympiad or the Programming Olympiad?
May schools from neighbouring and distant countries take part?
What format does the competition take?
May a school write on a different date?
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