Entire SA Team wins medals

All four members of the South African Team that took part in the 27th International Olymiad in Informatics in Kazakhstan will return with medals.

The team that took part in the Olympiad consisted of:

Ulrik de Muelenaere from Waterkloof High, Pretoria

Yaseen Mowzer from Fairbairn College, Cape Town

Thomas Orton from Bishops, Cape Town

Robin Visser from St George’s Grammar School, Cape Town

All four won bronze medals.

The Manager of the Olympiad, Peter Waker, was delighted with the medals. “In all 23 years of particpation this is the fourth time we get medals for all four participants.  The previous occasions were 2010, 2000 and 1999.”

Added Deputy delegation leader Robert Spencer: “Getting a medal is, to say the least, no small feat.  We are very proud that the team managed to each get one.  I have high hopes for next year in Russia, as two of our team members are eligible to take part again.”

The four South Africans managed to beat every other entry from Africa except Youssef Ibrahim of Egypt. However, when the team scores are added up South Africa is not only the top performer from Africa, it also ends up in very respectable company.

“A quick calculation shows that South Africa ended up 32nd out of 83 participating countries”  contributed Delegation Leader Sean Wentzel.  “We are just behind Germany and Hungary and just ahead of Sweden, Israel and Brazil.  Other African countries were not so fortunate.  Egypt is ranked 59th, Tunisia 63rd and Nigeria 83rd.”

Top scorer with 100% was Jeehak Yoon from South Korea. He was the only participant with a perfect score.  The top ten places were taken by participants from South Korea, Russia, the USA, China, Australia, Iran and Canada.