Important Notice:

Learners should register via their teacher who must invigilate their participation.

Individual learner entries are not accepted.


Entry Form: APPLICATIONS OLYMPIAD Round 1 (2 to 5 May 2023)

These dates are provisional. For regular updates, see our calendar above.
This is for the First Round of the APPLICATIONS OLYMPIAD . Participation is online, but there is an offline version for schools with limited internet.
  • School name example : Cape Town High School
  • Enter your postal address, complete with postal code please. If your post is delivered to a street address, then that is your postal address. Kindly ignore the block for "Street Address" below unless you want us to be aware of both.
  • For faster communication, it is preferable that only one teacher per school registers. However, a maximum of two teachers per schools may register, but there may be some delays to ensure paperwork goes to the correct school and teacher.
  • Please enter the for number of Applications Olympiad participants per grade

  • Gr. 7 & belowGr. 8Gr. 9Gr. 10Gr. 11Gr. 12Total
  • Gr. 7 & belowGr. 8Gr. 9Gr. 10Gr. 11Gr. 12Total