Important Notice:

Learners should register via their teacher who must invigilate their participation.

Individual learner entries are not accepted.

Registrations for the Applications Olympiad are currently closed. 

See you next year!

Entry Form: APPLICATIONS OLYMPIAD Round 1 (2 to 5 May 2023)

These dates are provisional. For regular updates, see our calendar above.
This is for the First Round of the APPLICATIONS OLYMPIAD . Participation is online, but there is an offline version for schools with limited internet.
  • School name example : Cape Town High School
  • Enter your postal address, complete with postal code please. If your post is delivered to a street address, then that is your postal address. Kindly ignore the block for "Street Address" below unless you want us to be aware of both.
  • Please enter the for number of Applications Olympiad participants per grade

  • Gr. 7 & belowGr. 8Gr. 9Gr. 10Gr. 11Gr. 12Total
  • Gr. 7 & belowGr. 8Gr. 9Gr. 10Gr. 11Gr. 12Total