2017 Newsletter

The 2017 newsletter gives details of the 2017 Talent Search and the dates for the other Olympiads: Applications and Programming.

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Talent Search to include Primary schools

TALENT SEARCH FOR ALL For 2017 the Talent Search will be available at five levels so as to include both 

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Schools use Talent Search to guide leaners

Although the Talent Search is scheduled for 6 March 2017, registrations to date show that many schools are intending to use the results to give grade nine learners guidance in subject choices. 

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Talent Search goes online

Running the Talent Search online has many advantages – especially for teachers. However, the pen-and-paper version will be continued for 

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Inspirational video

This video that was released by Code.org highlights the importance of teaching all learners computer science. It shares the message of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Chris Bosch, Will.i.am (sic) and others.

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