NB: Also check the rules for the Final Round as this may influence the running of the First Round


1. A school may run the Applications Olympiad First Round at any time during the period. 
2. A school may not use the First Round paper before the correct date.
3. If a school has too many candidates to write in a single sitting, they should arrange two sittings but make sure there is no communication between the groups.
4. As it is the principal and teacher who sign the certificates, it is up to them to be satisfied that the results were obtained honestly.
5. Candidates may use any “Office” Applications package, including Microsoft Office, Open Office and Libre Office.
6. Test conditions for the Olympiad are the same as for a practical CAT or IT exam for the Senior Certificate.



1. A school may only run the Applications Olympiad Second Round on the designated date.
2. A school may not use the Second Round paper before the correct date.



1. To be eligible for selection for the Final Round, candidates must

  • be the top learner in their school
  • be among the best 10 to 15 candidates nationwide
  • have used either Microsoft Office, Open Office or Libre Office
  • have taken part in the Second Round on the official competition day
  • save their calculations in the specified place (e.g. column, cell) in the required working files
  • have their answer sheet file and the required working files available on request
  • have no modifications to their files after the end of the Second Round

2. The Final Round will be at a central venue and the Computer Olympiad office will arrange and pay for flights, accommodation, meals and refreshments.